Make Your Hair Grow Longer and Thicker


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Everyone wants healthier, thicker, and stronger hair. We have some tips for you which will help you to get healthier hair.

Eat Smarter

We have great hair news for the avocado fanatics among us. A diet full of healthy fats is the most important thing to consider if you want thick and healthy hair. While genetics determines hair texture and curl, our diet plays a role in how genes can get expressed. Be sure to get plenty of good quality protein and good fats like olive oil and Omega 3. Foods such as salmon, avocados, nuts, vegetables, and fruit to get all the key nutrients needed for growing stronger hair.

Use The Right Shampoo & Conditioner

It’s obvious, but different hair types require specific products that cater to their exacting needs. People with fine hair should look for volume-building shampoo and conditioners, such as the Redken High Rise Volume, to fake thickness and boost shine.

For those with coarse hair, we suggest products that tame frizz and moisturize.

Start With Your Scalp

Don’t sleep on your scalp. Well, you know what we mean. The scalp has a rich microbiome of bacteria and fungus necessary to keep the skin—and hair it grows—healthy, explains Blaisure. When we don’t shampoo enough or use harsh chemicals on it, it leads to skin problems that negatively affect hair growth. The skin has immunity functions and is our first line of defense against toxins and environment aggressors. When the scalp is compromised, the scalp cannot defend itself. Keeping a healthy balance of moisture and natural oils is important on scalp just as it is on your face.

Ditch Hot Tools

We know it can be hard to break up with your hair dryer or flat iron. If you cannot stay away from your favorite hot tools (guilty), you must to use a heat protectant spray and a hot tool brand that regulates heat and temperature evenly.


Regular and deliberate brushing can affect your hair’s thickness, because it helps distribute the natural oils that will help protect it from damage and add shine. Brushing everyday, regardless of your hair texture, will also help exfoliate the scalp and remove dead hair.