Easy Steps to Clean Healthy Eating


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Eating clean & healthy meals on a regular basis can seem very daunting. So we come up with these 5 Easy Steps to Clean Healthy Eating, to make it easier to remember how far I have come, and I want to share with you.

I know I grew up on Hamburger Helper, processed desserts, and packaged everything. The weeks were busy, so whatever was fast and easy! I continued to eat this way for a long time, but when we started a family, it made me realize I really wanted to know what I was putting in my family.

So I went to work trying to retrain myself, taking out most of our processed junk in the pantry, eating out less, and reading labels. This is an ongoing process, we are not perfect, we indulge in sugary treats and the occasional fast food trip.

I think this process is more about doing better then we did before, and trying our best to eat WHOLE, REAL foods most of the time. Use these 5 Easy Steps to Clean Healthy Eating to help you along the way!

1. Read your Labels

Start by getting to know the nutrition labels on the foods you regularly buy. There are plenty of different opinions on this, but my go to for helping me determine if a packages good is good enough for my family is if I can’t pronounce/know what it is (example : meladextrose) I probably don’t wan’t my family to eat it.

Not all packaged foods are horrible for you, they can be great tools in making clean & healthy eating easier, just check out the label and find the right choice for your family. Here are a few examples of some staples I keep around.

These simple pantry staples are key to an easy clean eating meal plan. Make it simple and it will much easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

2. Throw out the Junk

Once you have educated yourself on reading some Nutrition labels, start tossing the junk. I know its hard to waste food, but if its not good for you get it out!! Or you will never get a chance to change. It is a cycle that needs to be broken!

3. Research Easy Clean Meals & Try to start Meal Planning

This step is a big one, but it will make all of the difference in your success.

4. Shop the outer Rim

Now that the junk is out of the house, its time to stock up on some healthier alternatives. For an easy start try to stick to the outer rim, that is where most of the fresh whole ingredients are at. Veggies and Fruits, Lean Meats, & Whole Dairy Products. Go into the aisles for anything on your Meal Plan, but make sure you read the labels and make a healthy choice for your family!

5. Stock up on Healthy Kitchen Essentials

Sticking to the outer rim gets you about 70% of the way to a clean & healthy diet. You do have to venture down some of the isles for frozen veggies, whole grains, beans, and other Kitchen essentials.