This Terrific Banana Drink Will Burn Stomach Fat Immediately


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Smoothies are not Smoothies without bananas. Bananas are a very important and delicious ingredient for smoothies.

Today we have a belly fat burning drink for you which contains bananas of course.

It is said that if you consume this drink regularly you will be able to see the results within a week. The banana is that type of fruit that has a high level of potassium. This means that it builds strong muscles and has the ability to scare away the toxins out of your body.

In combination with other nutritive ingredients, the banana is highly beneficial and efficient.

Boost your body to burn fat. Use this drink and let’s see that fat part ways with your belly.

Let’s see what I have prepared for you now.


  •      1 banana
  •      1 orange
  •      ½ glass low-fat or fat-free yoghurt (Greek Yoghurt)
  •      1 tbsp. coconut oil
  •      ¼ tbsp. ginger powder
  •      2 tbsps. flax seed
  •      2 tbsps. Whey powder


  • Mix them all in your blender. Blend, pour in a glass, drink and enjoy!

Drink this delicious Smoothie in the morning. It’s very nutritive and will give me the benefit of having a great day.

Maintain your diet and enrich it with this drink.