Diet Myths Tips That Helps To Reduce Your weight


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Most of the facts about diet are repeated more than 100 hundreds which results in convincing a person about it. It is hard to believe that diet facts which you were all believed till now were actually misinterpreted. There are innumerable question that arises after you think about diet. So, here are some popular diet myths which you should stop believing.

1. You should avoid eating after 8 pm

While most of people are convinced with the idea that you should not eat anything after 8 am, but the fact says you can actually eat food even after that. People who believe this myth of dieting also believe that eating after 8 pm may lead to burping and other digestion problems. It is important to eat healthy food because calories and food does not say time!

2. Eat only when you are really hungry

Various expert and researches have said that you should eat healthy foods in between intervals and also in short intervals. It is important to eat more of healthy food and surely should avoid eating in between unhealthy snacks. If you think you are shedding down weight by just eating when you are hungry then you are wrong! This habit can actually lead to obesity.

3. Spend more to get healthy food

Most of the people believe that you should spend more money to get healthy food, which means healthy foods are actually expensive. You have much cheap and healthy food around us and also taste good. Did you know just a bowl of popcorn can give you enough amounts of carbs and proteins needed by a body? Yes, there are many whole foods which will cost you less than what you thought.


4. When you eat pasta’s, you will grow fat

Most of the theory says, pasta contain enough amount of carbohydrate which in return gives extra fats and calories to the body resulting in collecting enough fats in the body. Now, you grow fat and obese! The fact says, enough of carbohydrate doesn’t make you fat but more than calories can add small amount of fat to the body. While means, you can eat pasta but control the amount.

5. Coffee can actually make you lose weight

Most of the people think one of the major benefit of being a coffee addict is you are about to lose weight! This is absolutely wrong, coffee helps to control your diet for few days but then you are not losing any weight. But drinking coffee will lead to sleepiness and also leads to anxiety.

6. Fasting can make you lose weight

Fasting can make you lose weight is actually true for few days, but then this is only applicable for few days and not more than that. You should eat enough food so that your body gets enough of calories that are required on daily basis. Generally it is recommended that you should undergo exercise so that you lose weight and also helps to maintain metabolism rate.