Best Lunch Ideas for Weight Loss


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Weight-loss programs and diets are numerous. Whether you’ll visit a specialist, or you’ll just browse the web for some amazing ideas for healthy nutrition and fat-burning physical activities, you need to remember one very important thing – lunch is very significant for the proper weight-loss program! The key to weight loss is a complex formula that contains patience, diverse meals and the desire to follow some strict pieces of advice that come from real specialists or from people who have already tested the particular diet. Meanwhile, perseverance is a must and when it comes to healthy nutrition, the rule goes like this: Have a solid breakfast, be careful with the lunch selection and have something light for dinner. Today, we’ll focus our attention on lunch types for healthy living and keeping your body in a perfect shape. And we’re happy to present you our list of best lunches for weight loss. Check them right away!

1. Baked veal with tomatoes, lettuce and low-fat cheese. As a dessert, you can also afford 200 grams of berries – better blackberries – or a cup of yoghurt.

2. Tuna-avocado sandwich with tuna fish, onion, tomatoes, lettuce, half an avocado and no spices or salt. The best bread for weight loss is the whole-grain bread.

3. Bean soup. Soups are fantastic for lunch, while bean is quite fine in moments when you’re too hungry but cannot afford something fatty like a burger because you’re on a weight-loss diet. To make the soup even more delicious, you can add celery, onion or garlic.

4. Chicken salad. This is the other salad you can make at home in advance and bring it to the office. Cut the chicken in small pieces; add chopped celery, spinach and mustard. To spice up the meal, use lemon juice, which is a great fat burner.

5. Cottage cheese with fruits. In case you prefer to sweeten your lunch break, this idea is definitely right for you. When you choose the fruits for this meal, take berries and homemade jams under consideration.